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'In the Dark of the Valley' Trends at Cinequest

The Documentary is listed as one of the festivals Top 7 Trending Films.

San Jose, CA - March 31, 2021

The Cinequest Film Festival will end it's virtual festival today - concluding a 10-day streaming marathon of both Narrative and Documentary films. Adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, the Cinequest organizers chose to hold the event entirely online, making films available on Cinejoy's streaming platform for the entire duration of the festival.

With the festival coming to a close, several films have taken advantage of the online audience and have stood out from rest of the pack.

Included on that list is the documentary, "In the Dark of the Valley". The film is an in-depth exploration into the site's long history of cover-ups and negligence by site owners Boeing, NASA, and the Department of Energy. It also tells the harrowing story of how a community of mothers, led by Melissa Bumstead, have dealt with the struggles of childhood cancer and their new found life of environmental advocacy.

TOP 7 Trending Films at Cinequest Film Festival:

A Hard Problem | Drama, Sci-Fi | Category: Life | Director(s): hazart

Adventures in Success | Comedy | Feeling: Feel Good | Category: Laughs | Director(s): Jay Buim

Anchor Point | Documentary | Feeling: Feel Good | Inspirational | Director(s): Holly Tuckett

In the Dark of the Valley | Documentary | Category: Inspirational | Director(s): Nicholas Mihm

Last Night in Rozzie | Drama | Category: Life | Director(s): Sean Gannet

Lune | Drama | Category: Life | Director(s): Aviva Armour-Ostroff & Arturo Perez Torres

Making the Day | Comedy | Feeling: Feel Good | Category: Laughs | Director(s): Michael Canzoniero

One Moment | Comedy | Feeling: Feel Good | Category: Laughs | Director(s): Deirdre O’Connor

Slapface | Horror-Thriller | Category: Thrills | Director(s): Jeremiah Kipp

Zero Gravity | Documentary | Feeling: Feel Good | Category: Inspirational | Director(s): Thomas Verrette


Americanzied | Drama | Director(s): Erica Eng

Egg Party | Comedy | Director(s): Kersti Bryan

The film's next festival stop will be the Cleveland International Film Festival. CIFF will also be held virtually and tickets can be purchased at the link below.


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