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Front Gate of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Sign the Petition and Demand a Full Cleanup of

the Santa Susana Field Laboratory

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It began with a petition video, and ended with a movement

In early 2018, the filmmakers were commissioned by to create a petition video for a mother in Los Angeles whose seven year-old daughter was in a fight against cancer for the second time.

Their mission was to create a 4-7 minute video briefly highlighting the struggle of Melissa’s community and their fight against corporate interests. They quickly discovered that this story was much larger and went far deeper than they could ever imagine. Thus beginning a 3 year mission to uncover the truth behind  the Santa Susana Field Laboratory and the negligence captained by the corporations and government agencies running the facility.

Though has generously allowed the filmmakers to include segments of the petition video in the

final feature film, the organization was not involved in the production of In the Dark of the Valley.

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